Event Catering

Additional costs may vary and need to be considered depending on different situations.

Event Location: Olive Catering Company can travel just about anywhere for your event. Travel fees may be incurred for longer travel times and overnight stays.

Each location has different kitchen and utility amenities. Olive Catering Company can suggest venues that will accommodate your event to avoid additional costs.

Equipment Rental: Depending on your event and menu choices, types of equipment such as flatware, dishes, glassware, etc. need to be considered. Olive Catering Company can assist in helping you choose the right equipment for your event. Once the right equipment is chosen, we can guide to a dependable equipment rental company or handle it all you for an extra 10% fee.

Event Staff: The costs for me to prepare the food is included in the per guest costs. As each event can vary in size and type, so does the need for additional staff.  Our guidelines for staff is 1 for every 25 guests for a buffet, 1 for every 15 guest for a plated dish and 1 for every 25 for hors d’oeuvres. We can accommodate bartending needs as well. Depending on the event, the time needed for additional staff will vary. These costs will be included in the initial quote. The cost for a bartender is $25 per hour. Since we are not licensed to sell alcohol, we can guide you on obtaining a permit and the ability to serve alcohol.

Drinks: Olive Catering Company can provide non-alcohol drinks such as water, lemonade, tea and coffee. Depending on the size of the event will determine costs and additional equipment needed.

Upgrades: Olive Catering Company can provide additional items such as chocolate fountains, ice sculptures, etc. at the cost of the rental amount plus 10%.

Rehearsal Dinners: Olive Catering Company is available for both a rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

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